Meet our first 2 guest of an event "Youth Uncensored." Meet Mr. Aarsh Diwakar (@aarsh22 ) on Sunday October 4th on our facebook live. Aarsh have completed his Bachelorette in Computer Engineering and Technology Affiliated with Gujarat University. Meet Mr Kunal Chhabria (@kunalchhabria )on October 18th on our instagram live. ""What Next?” is working on ideas of youth to change nature and system of country as a whole and building successful youth for the future generations and helping the nation to grow more.” What Next?* is a _Community Building Startup_ wherein people from different industries can come together, pool in their resources, take the best of the community and nuture their lives towards growth. Below are the focus points of "WHAT NEXT" - 1. Connecting youth and the industries. 2. Networking sessions so as to explore new opportunities. 3. Training sessions and workshops relating to personal development. 4. Brain storming sessions on current trends or specific topics. 5. Startups and Entrepreneurship drive for youth.