Thriving in the cyberspace

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When it comes to the foremost cycle of ‘globe’ following nature right next are us, HUMANS. For the sake of living tomorrow, we humans are supposed to live out today to the fullest for better and bright tomorrow. Hopping right in. The world is a place where nothing stops.  it’s a rule of the globe to run, and if it lays off we humans are left with no choice. And exactly it happened so. Due to the outbreak of ( Covid-19) Mama earth had to pause activities. And we humans had to cease operating to meet and greet and pause our routine lifestyle.

But! Every pause has a play, again and we humans bellowed for Aid. And that Aid is named the virtual world.

Now, what is the virtual world??

     Virtual world island of Artificial intelligence said in simple words it’s a computer-simulated environment, where to user knocks up and builds and possesses persona.

  • How the virtual world has hiked up defending pandemic.

           The virtual world doesn’t hold any definition but requires the world to be persistent meaning the world must continue to exist. As virtual environment supports varying degrees of play and gaming.

 ( virtual world) splits into two types

  • Entertainment based
  • Social based


Coming to entertainment in the virtual world consists of gaming, multiplayer, 3D games. In this category of virtual worlds, users play games through fiction. Yes, users create a fictional persona. Which hit a benchmark in the late 90’s itself.

Entertainment based virtual worlds are strongly influenced by science fiction and fantasy. Today Entertainment based virtual world represents the majority of other virtual worlds.


Talking about a social-based virtual environment. It throws light on

Communication, interaction, education, and much more. It has an open-ended experience and is a gateway to explore moments that builds a bridge of community and communication. At present social virtual world is treating and giving big shots in educational, political, commercial, and military organizations.


Gearing up the virtual world due to pandemic.

Social media platforms took off and grew heights due to pandemic. People began exploring things and gave a kick start to creativity. Pandemic made the virtual world take a huge makeover. People got in quick touch and where everything was paused our Aidman ( virtual world) hiked up to sky’s and brought in strong tools to communicate and keep people in touch.

The virtual world made things stable.

  • Business meetings held on social platforms ( zoom, google meetings, Skype)
  • Interactions live ( Instagram, Facebook, google videos chats)
  • Educational session solved ( zoom, google classroom, etc)

These were the key ingredients of the virtual world in the time of the pandemic.


The virtual world has made things tranquil. Everything has a solution things without solutions don’t exist in this globe of blue and green.

Where the virtual world has traveled so much to heights. It has much more to do and innovations left.

         STAY TUNED!