Beginners Guide: How to host a Virtual Open Mic

by: Webinar Wall Category: Virtual open mic


A huge part of everything we do is being able to express. There is no contradiction to the fact that expression is the only language through which words move and elevate minds. It has now provoked people to come up with a platform to encourage and acknowledge talents who proficiently convey words through music, poetry, spoken word, dance, comedy, improv, storytelling, etc. with a vision to transfer every single essence and existence of the script whilst keeping up with entertainment. We all are aware that one such platform is an open mic. What exactly is open mic according to google searches? These are the live shows having helped so many up-and-coming musicians develop as artists, organized mostly during off-nights, in places like pubs, bars or café for fun. The best part about them is that anyone can simply go along, sign up, perform, and make a little money along the way. In this modern era, they are often considered as the perfect place to showcase new and emerging artists to get all the important experience. Be it a singer, songwriter, musician, rapper, or poet, it gives all kinds of talent to perform their art in front of the audience with access to immediate feedback. After the coronavirus tragedy, it’s now inappropriate to host or be a part of such in-person events. But, for every issue nowadays, the internet has got your back. With online or virtual open mic we can create an outlet wherein we can easily promote and enjoy the artist’s performance of consummate artistry. To all the artists, you ought to come out of the square to extend your circle.

Read below to witness the complete beginner’s guide to hosting an open mic:

  • Provide with a venue- This is a key. Earlier it was always coffee shops, pubs or spaces to carry out such events. But now, artists search for some good online platforms who will help them host their open mic and with a commitment to care and support their talent from promoting to organizing it.


  • Recruiting talent and Calendaring- After successfully creating a platform, search for potential talent who is ready to perform. Spread awareness about the event on social media platforms to get as much as sign-ups you can. When working with an artist, communicate and agree on the date, time, and duration of the event. Then at the end schedule the events in accordance with the talents and the art they will be performing so that the audience can filter easily according to their choice which event they wish to be a part of.


  • Know your platform- Before you ever go live set up an experimental event with family and friends. Make the performers learn the features of the provided platform. The more smoothly you navigate the platform, the more smoothly your actual event will run. Also, I recommend allowing the person with command in the technical field to host since they can easily control all of the platform’s admin features to help the event run steadily.


  • Accept additional talent- Like every other open mic, there are folks in the audience who want to perform but show up as an audience member first to check it out. So, it’s ok to allow performers to sign up during the event if they feel inspired and ask them to send you a private message. Your encouragement of participation and taking additional sign-ups is part of your responsibility. This will enhance your goodwill in the field of hosting and organizing.


  • It’s not about you- Remember, this event is not about you showcasing your portal’s marketing. This is a way for you to help showcase the talent of others while connecting and engaging all of the attendees.


  • Other minimal things to be taken care of- It is your utmost duty to consider all the feedbacks and let it be then later passed on to the performer. Or if agreed by both parties, you can provide contact details of the performers later on the board/chatbox for the audiences to connect.

Don’t leave any chance of disturbance between the performances, since later maybe the mistake might be of attendees but you will be held responsible for the flop show.