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  Events like conferences, summits, campaigns and seminars are a big part of education and business life where people brush up on skills and network. These events were organised in either convention centres or a personalised official space but the ripple effects of pandemic has tragically affected organisations and surrounding communities. In the wake of COVID-19, all this has prompted a shift towards organising virtual events since it is highly unlikely that we will see in-person events for a foreseeable future. It is not all gloom and doom. Humans are a versatile race and are capable of making the best of even in the direst situations so now it has evolved in using technology to connect with people in virtual worlds and to experience virtual events. Now, many companies, institutions and organisations have switched to hosting virtual events as it has occupied a critical place in a business strategy and planning arsenal. Not only had it led to surpass all the barriers of cost, flexibility and accessibility but also helped in engaging audiences all around. Some of the reasons how virtual events has triggered the idea of delivering content:


  • Being smart vs. acting helpless: Amidst this forbidding situation we have to be responsible to us and people around by discouraging to host or attend in-person events. The smartness lies in making optimum utilisation of the technology rather worrying and waiting about how and when you will be able to deliver or get access to content. It has also opened new opportunities in virtual careers. Many of the companies are hiring tech-savvy people to design a platform for organising events.



  • Paying high vs. cost effective- It is perhaps the most obvious and reliable feature for which all of us have completely have fallen for and in future too they are confident in continuing this way of building network and knowledge. It opens all door for you to ship the same top-notch content in minimal amount from and to anywhere around the world for a fraction of the cost taking away the issues of airfare, accommodations, meals, entertainment, and others for companies as well as attendees. It can also help move money to the biggest live event of the year that brings in the largest number of B2B leads. The most of the delicate information about the events we wish to host or attend can be searched within social media which is a great engagement tool to leverage.


  • Learning vs. wasting your energy- In person events used to lack enough focus of right crowd while tech conferences will attract potential crowd for one topic and another kind of crowd for different topic and so on. It is self-explanatory that the events are attended with accordance to interest of the subject. Most of virtual events are being broadcasted through live streaming which promotes interaction and networking live between speakers and attendees or attendees and attendees. Live virtual events are flexible variable since it can be recorded so attendees can easily access the content without getting bounded by factors such as predefined time or place.


  • Increased accessibility vs. staying within the same circle Virtual meetings offer unprecedented reach and access by bringing the right content from anywhere across the globe. If the potential audience is scattered across the globe they can now be easily brought together on platform to connect leading to network growth or if you wish to grow your audience, you can get everyone to participate irrespective of where they live.


  • Easy event setup vs. cumbersome process of organising- Virtual events are the most suitable way to truly leave no impact on the environment. Visitors to virtual events will be able to roam through fascinatingly designed virtual environments which requires minimal setup time rather than in person events. Due to the ease of platform use and virtual location, they will be able to interact with others while taking notes about exhibits that piqued their interests within safety of their home. It efficiently and effectively leads to marketing your events through a portal which is easily organised without wasting resources and coming out as an eco-friendly event. The time that goes into event planning during in-person events such as hotel site selection, event staffing, and signage can now be


  • Quick results vs. waiting for feedback- With virtual events you can easily pick or drop feedback about the event. It becomes easier to gather important data for the foundation and introspection of company’s objectives.



In closing, virtual events are no longer intimidating, confusing, or complicated. In fact, adding virtual events as a key digital strategy to your meeting and event program leads to company’s benefits as well as attendees. While we know that virtual events do not hold the same power of face-to-face interactions but the current circumstances have necessitated going virtual and you're certainly bound to work on this only way to expand and reach your audience. Since every coin has its two sides, likewise, virtual events are the best option to deliver the engaging and informative experiences with a proper plan and command in technology saving time and energy..