Stop, stop stop! You're saying it wrong. It's LeviOsanot LeviosAR!"


English pronunciations can be confusing, but if you've figured it out, why not help others speak more confidently? Sign up for Learn On Call, an initiative by Sampoorna Shiksha to help rural, semi urban Indian students, housewives and salaried people who have studied in non english medium schools speak English confidently.

How can volunteers help?:

Volunteers will help students speak English by engaging with them on one on one weekly calls over 15 weeks. The curriculum, time tables and lesson plans including themes, activities, vocabulary and grammar will be shared with the volunteer and can be accessed at: https://www.learnoncall.in/downloads


Please note: 


  • Once a volunteer signs up, the Learn On Call team will reach out with volunteer orientation details. Volunteers will be added to a Whatsapp group where regular updates will be shared. Volunteers can engage with fellow volunteers and ask any query on this Whatsapp group.
  • There will be an orientation every month, on the fourth Saturday from 4 to 5 pm, live. Alternatively, volunteers can choose to watch a prerecorded orientation session at their convenience.
  • On completion of orientation, volunteers will receive the details of their student through SMS and mail along with personalised Volunteer Badges and the curriculum. Volunteers are assigned students basis the time slot and second language preference.
  • Volunteers will be required to submit attendance and student progress feedback after every 5 session via a Feedback Form.
  • The Learn On Call team will reach out to the volunteer for regular feedback and monitoring. 



Things to keep in mind:

Volunteers from all age groups can participate as long as they are


  • proficient in Spoken English
  • access to a phone for weekly audio calls
  • stable mobile internet to access the curriculum and share feedback

Time commitment needed by the Volunteer:

1 hour audio sessions for 15 weeks.

Volunteers will also be required share feedback on a regular basis.(After every 5 sessions)



Meet the Team

Learn On Call is an initiative by Sampoorna Shiksha providing free wholistic education for all. Learn on Call through simple audio sessions aims to address issues of access to costly smartphones and internet especially in rural India. Lead by Vaidhei Pagaria , Lata Srinivasan & Pushpa Subramanian, Learn on Call helps build confidence speaking English through one on one mentoring calls. The initiative currently has over 650 volunteers guiding students from 6 NGO partners.



Questions? Reach us at:

Email: learnoncall@gmail.com or call at: +91 9870365312