About the Event


This Masterclass will take you through ways in which you can design your life goals and achieve success and true happiness.


In this Masterclass, our expert Sourabh Goel will help you learn the following:


  • The myths about goal setting
  • How you are pre-programmed to follow a certain path
  • How to break this conditioning
  • How to set your goals the right way
  • 5 F’s to design your life plan


About the Speaker:


Sourabh, Founder – The Goalchy Club Community, Co-Founder – 3Catalysts and Associate partner – GrowthMedia.ai, is a published author, speaker, and founder who is on a mission to help people break the societal influence. His vision is to help people live a life of passion, purpose, and significance. Our guest provides you with structured guidance to setting goals the right way and building strategic plans to achieve them all. He harnessed the power of the internet to grow in his own career and help many more. He is the founder of 3 Catalysts and the Goalchy Club Community