Let's talk about all things SaaS related! We prepared a series of 3 events focusing on everyday topics SaaS startups and scaleups need to face.

In our first event, we'll focus on Growth in Saas. We have 3 amazing speakers with great experience, don't miss this one!


👉 Taking customers through the growth funnel of acquisition, activation, monetization, and retention

👉 Timing of your growth

👉 How much money do you need to invest in marketing, once your product is launched?

👉 Growth hacks - do they work?

👉 Numbers you need to start measuring like churn, sing-ups, weekly active users, etc.

👉 Best tools for measuring and supporting your growth

📡 This event is hosted via Airmeet. You will have a chance to join a virtual networking table after the panel talk with each speaker.