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"Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a PRACTICE." 
                                     :- Peter Drucker 

As from the quote, one can understand what actually is an entrepreneur and what every entrepreneur should believe in that it's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen. Tonic Teaching is an international guest lecturing platform which provides guest lectures to Universities and enterprises in the areas of 
* IT 
* Finance 
* Entrepreneurship 
* Management 
* Leadership 
* Project management 
This Brussels based organization is currently sending teachers to Asia (China and India) and to Europe (France and Belgium) as they provide their classes in French, English, and Spanish language perspectively. Their main goal is to create original courses and content adapted to the needs and requirements of their partners. The organization has provided guest lectures on very essential topics regarding the entrepreneurship such as
* Crisis  Entrepreneurship 
* Automated testing 
* Financial planning
* Entrepreneurship during Covid-19

Tonic Teaching provides its services through various methodologies such as Original Course creation, Project-based Evaluation, Case studies, and Workshops.
The Virtual Education Conclave which was held by our Organization WebinarWall was a success and one of the key speakers of the event was the CEO of Tonic Teaching Prof. Javier Gonzales Nunez. He spoke about the impact of internationalization on the career and difficulties they faced at the starting of their careers. 
So we at WebinarWall is organizing an International Webinar this year and are coming up with an Entrepreneurship Mindset Series 2.0 - with the qualified experts. As for our first episode of the series we are coming up with a webinar on 29th August 2020 at 6:00 (IST) with the CEO of Tonic Teaching Prof. Javier Gonzales Nunez and COO of Tonic Teaching Prof. Sébastien de Beaufort. Our key speakers would be discussing how and why they Founded Tonic Teaching and what did the challenges they faced as an entrepreneur. We encourage all the aspiring entrepreneurs or leaders of tomorrow to join us in this webinar to get an insight into how a small organization from Brussels is now providing their services all across the globe. The attendees would also be provided with an E-certificate and we will try to get all your queries answered regarding the entrepreneurship.

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