Will digital learning replace campus education ?

by: Yash Babbar Category: Digital learning v/s campus education

This question has been a debatable issue for a long time, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak  the tips of the scale has been shifted more towards the digital learning. Since the guidelines have been issued regarding the closing of schools and colleges till 30th September and it doesn't look like the institutes will be opening up any time soon after that too. As we don't know when will the things be back on track , so meanwhile all the schools and most of the colleges has shifted on the digital platform. But here are some pros and cons of this move : 

* The E-learning tools provide educators and students with access to resources they couldn't have had otherwise, no matter their status or location. The key factor of shifting towards the digital platform is that it eliminates the movement of students and teachers as they can learn and teach at the comfort of their home. 

* Moving on to the digital learning also widens the reach for the teachers as they can connect with more students as compare to the traditional classroom range. Getting more people to get connect with helps in communicating your message to a much more broader learning base. 

* Digital learning is also a better option for all the students who all have to manage their time between studies and working on the field. This method of learning provides you flexible hours as per the student's requirement which helps in getting their education and the work experience both which they require for their growth.

* Even though there are many many pros about digital learning but key element in which it fails from the traditional classroom learning is the essence of physical face to face communication. We know many of you will be feeling that we all can communicate on video call but the face to face to communication would always be considered  more impactful as it makes the student feel more important. 

* During an online class the students would be more hesitant is asking the question as it'll make the whole class listen to his/her problem which might make that person feel inferior to the other students. The lack of engagement is a challenge for the student as well. They can't hit pause on a teacher and rewind back to the part where they stopped paying attention , which means they are going to miss out. 

* The whole idea of digital learning lies on the connectivity that between the students and the teachers , even in the 21st century people deals with connection issues and more importantly will they be having the appropriate devices and being provided necessary softwares. 

Looking out at these some pros and cons the conclusion we can come upto is that digital learning won't be replacing campus learning anytime soon. There are many flaws in this system but the future is surely uncertain. But talking more about digital learning , one major thing that has skyrocket are online workshops and Webinars. And since the Covid-19 outbreak , many colleges and institutes are more willing to get these workshops and Webinars for their students from the experts of the fields as they provide more insiteful knowledge and clarify the infinite doubts of the students. And We at WebinarWall have been a perfect platform for that. We here provide the users to find out and register for webinars happening all across the globe. 

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