10 unexpected ways start up mentor series can help you

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We have entered into unprecedented times on a universal scale. As the world is in the grip of the pandemic, the coronavirus situation has embarked a deep impact on our economy as well as the Indian start-up ecosystem. It has now become extremely important to overrule the graph and GDP of the country.

No wonder, the current scenario has taken a heavy toll on the minds of the entrepreneurs which has left them reeling in uncertainty as to where to look for proper real time funding and mentoring. But, despite these extraordinary times, great start-ups are born regardless of the situation since companies are built during downturn.

As we focus on the prevailing situation, many platforms have taken initiative to host virtual mentoring sessions to empower entrepreneurs with counselling, visibility, guidance, funding and expertise through appropriate network of reputable and knowledgeable mentors and investors. A greater emphasis is put into counseling and teaching on subjects and issues which has been lowering the confidence of entrepreneurs. So, in order to build strategies in elevating your start up, participate in events to connect with a right mentor or investor and decode the knowledge.

What are the other reasons that can trigger the progress of your start-ups particularly by attending mentoring webinars? Below are some of the reasons explained briefly?

  1. Sets in your demanding schedule- Finishing your degree? Have other tasks to complete? Or maybe a combination of these two? Virtual mentoring has got your back. It is flexible and will fit into your busy schedule at the comfort your home. Many of platforms gives you access to videos and sessions to watch it later with accordance to your schedule.


  1. Funding-As a start-up, odds are you may not have enough funds to throw at your idea. With virtual mentoring, not only do you connect with the top investors, you find effective and efficient ways in which you can smartly distribute your capital.


  1. Advice from someone who’s been there- “As for early stage start-ups or first time entrepreneurs specifically, you haven’t been through it and there’s so many things that you can avoid just by having a short conversation with someone that’s been through it before,” said Thiago Olsen, FinTech entrepreneur. We all know advice based on experience is the best kind. Your mentors will offer a unique point of views, different from those who have never been in their position as a business owner. You’ll find that advice often unsolicited comes from every avenue, but quality advice is a dime a dozen.



  1. The ultimate guide at your rescue- . A mentor encompasses several things as one, a teacher, a confidant, a coach. Mentors will offer advice on business matters such as seeking investments, hiring, partnering and several other complicated issues with confidence which can help in planning and organising the objectives of the company to want to establish. As discussed, you will be able connect with your right investor and grow your company.



  1. Explore resources – You will be able to scout the business opportunities by gathering resources and knowledge from speakers along the journey. It will help you perfect your business skills and enhance your existing noted information on how to run your company correctly.



  1. Establish a greater network- Networking is key in the business world. You attend these webinars with so many other enthusiasts and learn about their passion which then later might help you establish a good network or a team who will enroute you on your road to success.



  1. Confidence- You will have someone in your corner who is at the similar stage and experiencing the same “entrepreneurial” issues which will in some way act as a confidence booster and knowing you have someone experienced and credible in your front giving you guidance is even better. Then going into a nerve wracking pitch will become easier when you’ve had a great coaching.
  2. Encouragement- Throughout the start-up process, there’s possibility of experiencing a failure here and there. But, a mentor has experienced these failures first hand and will advise you on how to stay motivated by not promoting giving up culture. If you see that they had survived through their hardships, it becomes a great sign to signify that you can be fine too.


  1. Learn new skills- Mentor sessions on various topics like technical based skills, marketing and branding skills, legal skills and more will enhance your current efficiency.


  1. Gain some perspective- A mentor will provide all the alternative perspective in dealing with potential customers, employees, partners or even investors. All the effective perspectives will have a powerful influencein your entrepreneurial life and success